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Soooooo boooored.

2011-06-15 10:26:51 by MusikMasheen

Who knew being out of school could be so boring...Nah, I totally lied. I'm playing Terraria 24/7, having a good time! My music hasn't been coming along as fast as usual, which is almost none at all, but, whatever.

How do you spend YOUR summer?


2011-03-26 15:54:55 by MusikMasheen

Finally, a good song! As of 3/26/11, my song "Triumph" has a 4.46 with 6 votes. Not bad! It's number three in the Classical section, and it sounds great! Check it out!

Also, I'm just gonna ditch mah website unless someone wants to take it over as a fansite. Leave a response if you want to.


2011-01-29 12:21:19 by MusikMasheen

Maybe I should hone my skills for a while. Lately my songs have sucked out loud. See ya in a few months.

Help required.

2011-01-22 00:12:11 by MusikMasheen

I am an amateur programmer and I can't find a problem with a script I'm working on. If you are good at troubleshooting in Windows Visual Basic 2010 (Express), contact me in any way possible and I will send you a copy of the script.

It is a text-based game used for play on the DOS prompt. You type in a command on the screen and that sends it through to a function that filters out what the command was and sends out a matching response. Some commands add stuff to your Inventory via editing strings while some advance you through the mazes and paths. I'm not too far in the script and I've hit a roadblock.

After any command typed into Phase1 (The first round of commands, like just one room in the game) the console locks up and doesn't display the response. Wether or not it changes the variables I don't know. I've done my research, triple-read the script and anything else I could try.

If you are kind enough to help me, I'm sorry, I cannot pay you. You'll have to do it from kindness. Thank you in advance.

Below is a picture of a part of the game. After typing a command, it goes and stays blank.


Help required.


2011-01-01 00:08:10 by MusikMasheen

Well...what ya!

Random Review #1 - C, Crashing Series

2010-12-19 01:07:26 by MusikMasheen

Castle Crashing series.

Oh my God.

This is THE best series on Newgrounds; YES it tops the Awesome still it's amazing!

Alfa releases them at blinding speed and still keeps the quality. The latest one, Corn Boss, was over two minutes long and beautifully drawn. The animation itself reminds me of the classic series, Charlie Brown, crossed with some sort of anime.

Anyone who plays/played Castle Crashers will find themselves nodding and laughing at the references (which is the whole show itself) and admire the coming-to-life of one of the most cherished games on XBL Arcade.

The characters are well developed seeing as though we're only three episodes in. Their colors reflect their personalities. Blue is a lethargian (when he's not kicking ass), Red is the constantly serious leader, Orange is warm-hearted and kind, and Green...sits there. There's not much on him yet.

Watching this show just let's you remember the sheer beauty of this game. Playing the first time through was an amazing experience - the vast world, the variety of enemies, the quirky bosses, and the addicting RPG style, side-scrolling, beat-em'-up gameplay all contributed to this masterpiece.

Overall, if you love Castle Crashers, or even just want a good laugh, go check this out. Now, someone tell me: WHERE THE HELL IS ORANGE?!

(Explanation: I decided to start doing reviews. They will all be on random flashes in the top 3 of the day and will come around about weekly. All reviewed items will replace my favorites.)

Quite bored.

2010-12-14 17:16:38 by MusikMasheen

Nothing to do and no ideas for teh music so I'll update.

The sample comic must've sucked so I've ditched that.

The banner I had before wqas dark and depressing and scared babies so I changed it to a very 70's-like wierd thing. Groovy.

Yet again I'm clueless on music. Ideas please!

Nothing better yet so peace.



2010-12-04 17:28:32 by MusikMasheen

I make comics in real life. I post them here now. If you don't like it just send me a very hurtful email with lots of exclamation marks and frownie faces. Here's one that I don't feel like actually posting.



2010-12-01 18:18:20 by MusikMasheen

This is my first official update, filling you in on everything that is involved with my music and "career."


Sky Fye. I'm wondering what's wrong with it. It has a fairly low score and everyone I know thinks it's great. I hate it when people give low scores then not bother to tell what was bad about it. I like destructive criticism more than people saying, "OMG OMG OMG THIS IS EPIC MAKE MORE MORE MORE!!!!1!" I'd rather people say, "It was good but I don't like -so and so-. maybe you could improve that." I would fix it and re-upload it. I want to keep GOOD music on my site, all of equal quality (preferably high).


I feel I've slacked off on my music. It's coming in more slowly. I need some more requests, people! Ideas are few and far between and I'm lucky I have Sky Fye. It's damn near impossible for someone so early in his career to find a "perfect melody."


My One Year Anniversary for being on NG is coming near! I'll probably post a great song for this "momentous occasion." It's on January 9th. I'll begin work after posting a Christmas special.


Put meaningful reviews, if possible
Send in some requests, if possible

Thanks for giving a crap!


Three days of solid work.

2010-11-09 22:16:00 by MusikMasheen

Glad that's done. I've gotten my biggest project ever out of the way, and I hope it's a huge success! Thank you to all two of my fans (you don't count, Mom) to your support and especially CrapTaco for making the recommendation. May fortune shine my way and lead to a 5 billion dollar grant to some big music school! (Not.)